The first Smart Fem-Tech HealthWear designed for modern living

Join us on our mission to promote long term wellness by creating unique healthwear femtech products designed by and for real women.

Winner of the 2017 London College of Fashion Hackerthon

Stay tuned to learn about our first healthwear product tackling the global silent epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency, one billion people are diagnosed globally with a higher prevalence in women.

Vitamin D deficiency causes health problems including: infertility; preeclampsia; low birth weights; rickets in children; osteoporosis. The deficiency has also been attributed to cardiovascular disease, multiple sclerosis and cancers.

Winner of the 2017 startAD NYU Hardware Launchpad
Winner of the 2018 Wear Sustain Grant EU Horizon 2020

Vitamin D is the only vitamin that can be naturally made by the human body via safe adequate sunlight exposure on skin.

Our vision is to prevent vitamin D deficiency, by creating a digital solution that encourages women to gain safe sun exposure, building a wellness community which empowers women to take back control of their natural vitamin D production, thus improving their health and wellbeing, and reducing the effects of Vitamin D related disease.