Welcome to the Stealthy Woman - SW Low-Down our weekly blog – a 5-minute digest and an opportunity to nurture your inner wellness goddess… you are probably wondering why we are called Stealthy – it came about at the London College of Fashion hackathon which we won in 2017 – (we had 3 minutes to come up with a name!)  it combines the words “Style” and “Health” – core elements of our femtech start-up.  We create meaningful products for real women who are both style and health conscious on personal journeys to living well, Stealthy-ily!

The SW Low-Down is a two-way dialogue between us and you (our stealthy woman community) an unapologetic opportunity to discuss real issues faced by real women – we welcome your comments and suggestions about topics that matter to you! 

So most of know something about vitamin D, it’s often called the sunshine vitamin, and some us know it’s got something to do with bone health, but for most of us that’s probably about it. So, for our first blog, we are giving you the low down on vitamin D and answering 5 crucial questions!